Alex Alber

Sociologist, creator of the software.

Sonal was conceived and designed by Alex Alber, sociologist, lecturer at the University f. Rabelais (Tours), associate member of the CEE.

His work focuses on the transformations of public employment, particularly on the careers of executives, that he first analysed in a thesis on schools who train of officers in Europe (Dir: P..) Terrail, J.R. Dos Santos), then through an analysis at the SNCF (with V.Boussard, v. Gadea, P. Dieuaide, F. Flipse), and finally as a postdoctoral fellow at the CEE, where his job consists in comparing the careers of executives between the public and private sector using the C.O.I.

Alex Alber also contributes to the development of the Trideux software, alongside Philippe Chee.

Xavier Le Nué

Webmaster, supports the development of Sonal.

Xavier holds a dual degree in Technology and Innovation Management ( Technical University of Berlin / ESC Toulouse). This project allows him to implement his Web skills, as well as his knowledge in innovation management, serving the development of Sonal.

Philippe Cibois

Professor Emeritus of the University of Versailles (Saint-Quentin en Yvelines).

Philippe Cibois plays an important role in the project, sharing very sophisticated algorithms that enrich Sonal. Sonal benefited from his work on the quantitative analysis of textual data. Thus, factorial analysis functions that are available in Sonal are directly imported from the software he created, Trideux software .