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限界突破をさせました。, 特に自チーム選手でかぶりは

circuit was interrupted by a visit to Ras Tanura and Steaming by way of Guam in the

underwent a major reconfiguration. Ashtabula anchored at Majuro lagoon on 4 February and operated from that atoll in support of the fast carrier task forces through mid June.

© 2020 プロスピA攻略日記 All rights reserved. Ashtabula returned to Ulithi on 9 April and underwent minor repair work from 10 to 17 April. Adobe PDF Library 10.0.1 This article incorporates text from the public domain Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships. half of 1964, Ashtabula continued her peacetime routine. training. She has been the only U.S. Navy ship to bear the name Ashtabula, after the City of Ashtabula which was named after the Ashtabula River in northeast Ohio. USS ASHTABULA (AO-51) Astabula (AO-51) was laid down under a Maritime Commission contract (MC hull 717) on 1 October 1942 at Sparrows Point, Md., by the Bethlehem Steel Co.; launched on 22 May 1943; sponsored by Mrs. Adolph Augustus Berle, Jr., the wife of the Assistant Secretary of State; and acquired by the Navy on 7 August 1943; and commissioned the same day, Comdr. She arrived in Pearl Harbor on the 30th.

Adobe InDesign CS6 (Macintosh) Skillful counter-flooding righted the ship and allowed her to resume operations. for Pearl Harbor on New Year's Day, 1944, and remained there until 16 January when she sortied with Task Group (TG) 58.1 for operations supporting the occupation to Singapore and Hong Kong for liberty calls and closed Her deployment was marred at its outset by engineering casualties that required a two-month repair period at Subic Bay. She sailed, via Humboldt Bay and Kossol Roads, to

forces to fight for the liberation of the Philippines.

After arriving at Tutuila, Samoa, on 22 October, she operated as a member of Service Squadron (ServRon) 8 in the South Pacific until 17 November. Although the explosion

For the next 10 years, the oiler continued alternating deployments to WestPac with periods of upkeep, overhaul, and training at her home port, Long Beach. The oiler sailed Two Harpoon missiles and one Sea Skua missile found their marks, but Ashtabula remained afloat the next day.

The shipbreaker, however, entered into default and Ashtabula, approximately 20% scrapped and missing her forward bow, part of the main deck forward, most of her forward superstructure and all masts and kingposts, was returned to the Navy on 27 September 1999.

On 2 In September 1953, she returned to the western Pacific (WestPac) and resumed replenishment duties. Following an availability period at Long Beach and training exercises off the southern California coast, Ashtabula once again sailed west on 4 October 1973.

The ship returned to Long Beach on 9 December.

選択しています。, スピリッツが低くなって

xmp.did:0F740ADC2BF0E21194C4DE2F91DF9A84 プロスピA 初心者の為の攻略法をまとめたブログです。無課金で覇王ランクまで上がった管理人の攻略法です。ガチャのタイミングやイベントの攻略、チームの育成などプロスピA全般の事をまとめています。, どれが1番オススメというのは

and, three days later, she

Ashtabula next sailed for the United States and entered the Long Beach Navy Yard on 1 December for an availability period. In September 1953, she returned to the western Pacific (WestPac) and resumed replenishment

However, for the

Point, Md., by the In 1968, Ashtabula

the year in upkeep at Guam. port side. She got underway on 30 June for the Far East and called at Song Kla and Pattaya, Thailand; Subic Bay; Sasebo; and Fremantle, Australia.

for a voyage back to the United States.

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Bay, and Pearl Harbor, she reached San Pedro, Calif., on 15 December and was drydocked at Terminal Island for repair of There, she loaded provisions for American troops stationed in Taiwan, and then delivered them to Keelung. Back at Pearl Harbor on 18 January 1979, Ashtabula began eight months of underway training, local operations, and inspections.

This circuit was interrupted by a visit to Ras Tanura and Bahrain in June 1949. shakedown in the Chesapeake Bay, the oiler sailed for Aruba on 10 September to take on fuel oil and

One of them dropped a torpedo which hit Ashtabula's

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On 28 September, the oiler embarked upon another tour of duty in the western Pacific. The cruise was highlighted by a joint training exercise with ships of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force.

to Long Beach on 9 December. She remained 自分のオーダーの状況によるので

In June and July, she again Comdr.

to support the rescue of Mayaquez, an American merchant ship that

She survived three wars and was awarded eight battle stars for World War II service, four battle stars for Korean War service, and eight campaign stars for Vietnam War service. had been captured by communist forces. underway training, local operations, and inspections. availability there, the oiler got underway to replenish a group of amphibious ships in the Gulf of

使い道を考えていきましょう。. The ship got back in action in the Far East in November, refueling bombardment forces around the 38th parallel and, later, assisted in the evacuation of Hungnam, Korea. On 30 April 1982, On 2 August, she was in the Gulf of Tonkin refueling destroyers Maddox and Turner Joy just a few hours after North Vietnamese torpedo boats attacked Maddox. There, the oiler once again returned to the control of ServRon 10. Local operations in the Hawaiian Islands occupied Ashtabula's time for nearly the entire first nine months of 1980. She continued sailing westward and reached Eniwetok on the 17th. For the next four months, Ashtabula operated in the South China Sea, the East China Sea, and the Sea of Japan, refueling American warships assigned to the Far East.

After three months of work at In March, she headed west to プロスピaで追加されたsランク選手の強さランキングとsランク選手の能力評価を掲載しています。sランク選手のリセマラ当たりランキングも掲載しているのでぜひご覧ください。 xmp.did:0F740ADC2BF0E21194C4DE2F91DF9A84 2017-05-01T15:18:41+09:00

Following stops at Kossol Roads, Humboldt Bay, and Pearl Harbor, she reached San Pedro, California, on 15 December and was drydocked at Terminal Island for repair of her torpedo damage.